The West



All colors are purple! Every proper name is Johnson! Adverbs? There are no adverbs! Simplify! Simplify your language and your life with Simplify, from The Stanford Chaparral’s Owen Ellickson!

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Our Approach to Humorology

Our humorologists’ approach to humoronomy focuses on Comic Isolation; i.e. the distillation of a comic premise to its most basic, irreducible components and analyzing why, exactly, it all is funny. Our approach to a joke begins with a Set-Up, in which the rules for the world of the joke are created; the Pivot, the introduction

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Interrobang’s Sketch Comedy

Before we became The West, we created sketch comedy as Interrobang. Interrobang was originally a research institution focusing on humorology and humoronomy. Founded in early 2009 by the Executive Advisory Board of the Institute for Gravitronomic Inertiametrics, Interrobang’s main goal was to rigorously analyze comedy and reproduce it under laboratory conditions. In May, 2009, a series of Scientifically

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