The West

The Echo Theater Company
Presents the American Premiere of

The Suitcase

In Association with
The West

By Małgorzata Sikorska-Miszczuk

Directed by Sam Hunter

The Narrator favors homespun stories, but has decided to tell us a French one: One day our hero, Franswah Jackoh, took a walk down the streets of Paris and into a museum. What he found there changed his life and connected him to the wellspring of his national culture.

Recounted with style and flair by our Narrator, this story of the State of European Civilization takes us deep into the hearts of a father and son and asks us to consider what we are responsible for in the wake of enormous tragedy.

The Suitcase runs just under one hour.

The Echo Theater,
Atwater Village, CA
August 3 – 25, 2016

The Company

The Narrator
Jeff Allan-Lee

Claire Kaplan

Franswah Jackoh
Vincent Castellanos

The Miserable Tour Guide
Alexandra Freeman

The Poet
Sigute Miller

Eric Keitel

Directed by
Sam Hunter

Written by
Małgorzata Sikorska-Miszczuk

Translated by
Artur Zapałowski

Scenic Design
Amanda Knehans

Lighting Design
Chris Wojcieszyn

Costume Design
Susanna Puisto

Sound & Graphic Design
Spencer Devlin Howard

Publicity Manager
Lucy Pollak

Shannon Stockwell

Stage Manager
Elena Lucia Perez

“[Director Sam Hunter’s] signature stylistic choices were perfect in both their comical content and heart-wrenching focus . . . thought-provoking and exceedingly well done.”
Shari Barrett
Broadway World Los Angeles
“A heartbreaking, disturbing probe into atrocity and accountability . . . a fresh and stimulating new way of treating the past.”
Eric A. Gordon & Colby Wagenbach
People's World
“Blatantly theatrical . . . a most unusual, interesting play.”
Paul Myrvold
Theatre Notes
“An experience you won’t soon forget” from “two of LA’s best theatre companies.”
Mark Hein
Theatre Ghost