What if the Soviets won the Space Race?

That question is at the center of The Soyuz Files, an interactive podcast involving real postcards,
decoded messages, and planetwide collaboration to unravel a knot of international intrigue.

When the player visits soyuzfiles.com, they come upon old postcards from a Soviet scientist, American radio broadcasts, and a code that will lead to a secret that could take down the entire Soviet Union. The Soyuz Files captures the imagination, ignites the intellect, and breaks down the barrier between audience and narrative.

Follow intrepid journalist Jack Schecter as he bounces across the world, and drop in on his recorded conversations and radio broadcasts—an immersive story rife with clues and culture that sharpens and quickens as he gets closer to the terrible truth.

As the far-flung social media community discovers, snaps, and hashtags their found postcards, more of the story is uncovered: a story of friendship, deep pain, and the forces that tear nations apart—and bind them together.

Part 1: The Space Race

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Breaking news! The United States has lost the Space Race to the Soviet Union. On October 31, 1968, Americans received transmissions from Cosmonauts on the Lunar surface. Jack Schechter, host of WNYX’s news program The Friday Review brings on Natalia Gromyko, Soviet diplomat, to discuss what this means for geopolitics and the future of the Cold War.

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“People talk about multimedia, but this is true, physical multi-media—I feel like I’m discovering actual objects that have leaked in from another world.”

—Devin O’Neill, The Armageddon Club

Podcast written & produced by
Spencer Devlin Howard

Postcards written & produced by
Nathan Turner

Shannon Stockwell

Featuring the vocal talents of
Spencer Devlin Howard
Claire Kaplan
Nathan Turner
Cate Scott Campbell
Ross Crain
Sam Hunter
Steven Hastings
Shannon Stockwell
Mat Kaplan
Matt MacNelly
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